1: Olympus PEN E-P2
I still don't like its art mode. Especially the pin-hole pic mode. 黒枠がすごいクリアすぎていかにも!な感じ。あ、しかもキャップ無くして$20も払って新しいのをオーダーしました。。。(レンズがNewer Versionでアメリカには売ってない模様。凹)

2: Food Truck
I visited OC Foodii Fest the other day. I was hoping to find authentic taco truck but what they had there were bunch of fusion taco truck. hmmm... also I was too scared to try "sushi" truck.

3: Oreo oreo oreo
I think I am an oreo addict.

4: Project "Finding marriage rings"
5th anniversary is coming soon so me and my hubby are looking to buy a new pair of rings.
Reason? Because he lost his about 3 years ago in a rock concert; and I want a new one. lol
Doesn't have to be those bling bling sparkly shiny type of ring ( I'm not a fan of those) but something unique and I can really wear with any outfit and love.
I am looking to get them custom made.

5: Short vs Long
I am now in this moment that I feel I really wanna cut my long hair really short.
I'd had a short hair for a long time before I came to the states, but it's just too much to maintain that short hair while I'm here (especially when I go miles away to Japanese hair salons that cost a lot of money), I decided to grow my hair long which is easily maintained.
But now it's too long to maintain! And I'm kind of a person who always changes mind so this time I think I've been patient enough after growing hair for almost 3 years. (Of course, when I'm done with the short hair, I always put hair extension. lol )Since we decided to move back to Japan, it'll be much easier to change hair styles frequently.

6: End of Summer
I love being at the beach, but this year, again, I didn't swim in the ocean!
It's like, every spring I search for a new swim wear but then I never go to the beach to swim...
But this year I had some rashes ( needed to go hospital )and I think my skin got weaker so it was a wise idea to stay away from sea water + strong sun light combination.

7: Grunge again!
Cooking while repeatedly listening to Pearl Jam's songs are current thing of mine right now.
Plaid buttoned shirt and Nirvana T= Things I want.