Me&my friend's second baby, a girl!!

I got so surprised by how quickly she grows up!
 Glad that shoes I got for her fit in her tiny feet.


Converse First Star!
I got size 1 but I should have got size 2...for longer use!
I didn't know that she got big that quickly, amazing!!!

Talking about this baby converse shoes, when I was single and living in Japan back in 2005, this friend of mine asked me to go gift shopping with him for his friend's new baby.
So we went to Minatomirai and found this pair of cute baby converse!
When we were discussing which size he should get, this shop clerk approached and asked us how old our baby is!

Awkward......but funny like a scene you might have seen in movies. lol

We kinda saw each others faces and omg, I bet my face turned red instantly!
It was also funny that we didn't deny and he just led the conversation continue.
Mostly not to let the shop clerk feel awkward as well.  I guess. lol

Good memory.

And I just heard that he is going to be a president of a company this summer!